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If you are a consumer and have received a phone call or letter from Centron Services, Inc. DBA: Credit Systems, have an item placed by us on your credit report, or if you have been advised by a provider of service to contact our office, you may reach us using one of the following methods – please see important information below before contacting our office:

Alex I-bot
Would you prefer to not have to speak with a live person?  Alex is a virtual agent and can try to help you!  Go to Alex I-bot

Toll free: 800-223-8112
Local: 406-442-3728

Credit Systems
PO Box 875
Helena MT 59624

This is an attempt to collect a debt. Any information obtained will be used for that purpose.

EMAIL:  Important Information, please note that email contact is potentially unsecured and should not be used to communicate Personal Health Information or other sensitive personal information including payment information.  Your email may be unsecured and you assume all responsibility for such email. Please note: many companies have a policy that emails can be read by other personnel. While every effort is made to protect confidentiality, we do not recommend using an employer-provided or shared email address.

Do not send any confidential information via this form.

By providing telephone numbers or email addresses you authorize us, our clients, agents, and contractors to use any or all information, including cellular telephone numbers, for the purpose of contacting you regarding this and any subsequent debts placed by any client. This may include contact via automated dialing and messaging equipment; text messages, leaving of messages on answering machine, voice mail or similar devices and messages with individuals;

We will NOT respond to you by email. No action can be taken based upon content in this form. By submitting this form, you accept all terms/conditions.